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Find excellent soundtrack music and receive music production services from a producer in Stockbridge, Georgia. MANNSOUL is proud to offer music production and recording services, specializing in R&B and hip-hop music. By choosing his services, you can feel confident that you are receiving quality music that you find anywhere else. Contact him at (888) 408-1108 to learn more about his music.

Music Clips For Sale
MANNSOUL is proud to offer soundtrack music for commercials and movies, as well as pre-written songs for singers. He offers both lyrics and music that is all written by him. Furthermore, he creates custom music pieces based on themes, such as vampires.

Music Inventory
Whether you need soundtrack or performance music, MANNSOUL has the pieces for you. He has more than 10 full-length songs available, as well as beats and pieces without lyrics. If you need lyrics written for your music, MANNSOUL can also do that for you.

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Contact MANNSOUL in Stockbridge, Georgia, at (888) 408-1108 to ask about his music.